Surrounded by an ideal athmosphere provided by vegetation and fauna, the experience of bathing in the Temazcal of Sotuta de Peón, Hacienda Viva, allows us to experience a reconnection of our body and our spirit..

In the physical body, the heat produced by the volcanic stones brought from the Tepoztlán valley (in the state of Morelos), has a cleansing effect on the body, it relaxes tight muscles and the nervous system. It makes us sweat, thereby cleansing the skin and there is cell renewal.

The temazcal bath makes the body find its balance and rest, which on a spiritual level, means a moment of inner encounter.

That is why it is said, in a figurative and poetic sense, that taking a temazcal bath is entering a place of connection with the sacred and with the elements, since water, fire, earth and wind are represented in volcanic stones; in the water used, in the medicinal plants and flowers that are used for the treatments, as well as in the techniques to move the heat or generate it using medicinal plants.


Includes: bath, refreshing drink (natural juices) and warm drink (Tea)

Duration: 60 minutes (from arrival to the end of the bath).

Reservation in advance required.

Check prices, availability and schedules.


Bath, massage 25 minutes. Whole body (liniments) …

Bath, massage 50 minutes. Whole body (liniments) …

Bath, massage 50 minutes.

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