Discover the multifaceted transformation process of the henequen plant, known worldwide in its splendor stage as “Green Gold”.

Enjoy an incredible ride through the henequén fields on our “trucks” (wooden platforms) pulled by adorable mules; each one with a personality and name of its own. By nature, these amazing animals (“hybrid vigor” resulting from the crossing of two species), are extremely strong. They have a caretaker and an in-house veterinarian, who work as a team to ensure the well-being of each one of them, to the point of managing their working hours, so these are never exceeded. We have 16 mules and two daily tour shifts in which the animals are used for an hour and a half, these lucky mules work approximately three hours a week.

Learn about the history of the henequen or sisal, the traditions of that era, learn words in Mayan language.
Our highly qualified and friendly guides will lead you on this enriching experience.

Days of operation

Tuesday to Sunday.


10:00 AM y 1:00 PM Tours start promptly (please try to arrive 15 minutes or so ahead of time)


English, French and Spanish


Adults : $ 815.00 MXN 
Children 4 – 12 years old : $ 475.00 MXN 


3 hours
Bajo reservación. Check schedule in advance.


Our Shared Henequen Tour includes:

~ Our Shared Henequen Tour includes:
~ Welcome Cocktail (fruit based, non-alcoholic).
~ Visit of the Main House.
~ Hand-Twinining (Explanation and Process).
~ Scrapper (Explanation and Process).
~ Drying lines.
~ Machinery Museum (Evolution of machinery).
~ Press (Bale production).
~ Roper factory (Machines in Process).
~ Truck Ride through the fields (Platform).
~ Mayan House (Explanation of rural living in Yucatán and henequén planting)
~ Visit to beautiful cenote Dzul-Ha, Swimming (Optional).
~ Plate of Yucatecan antojitos (Pork “Pibil” Panucho, chicken “salbut” and cheese and chaya empanada + 1 glass of refreshing natural drink.

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