This cultivation process is conducted by a community of people committed with the environment, determined to growing chemical-free products and making adequate use of natural resources.

They prioritize ancestral Mayan agriculture techniques to preserve our traditions and strengthen the culinary heritage of our region, cultivating various types of fruts, plants and herbs of Yucatán. It is self sustained.













Environmental Education

Guided tours are conducted for groups of schools and individuals through a map that shows the variety of crops in the region. Includes tree planting within the hacienda in a reforestation program. We have an área for resting anda dining área.


Some of the products grown and cuntivated at the garden, such as spices, vegetables and fruits, are used in the exquiste specialties offered by the restaurant, Our menu is a carefully selected array of the most representative Yucatecan dishes.


Our garden produces fine herbs and balsamic vegetables that employed in the preparation of teas and oils used in temazcal ceremonies and massages.

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Municipality of Tecoh Yucatán , Mérida 97822 México.

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