Nestled in the Yucatan peninsula, 45 minutes south from the city of Mérida, surrounded by vast henequen fields and lush vegetation, is Sotuta de Peón, Hacienda Viva. This hacienda built in the 19th century, completely restored and functioning, rescues the traditions of an era of prosperity, during the boom of the henequen industry.  It also offers a wide range of cultural, historical, and culinary experiences, and exand lodging experiences in natural landscapes that will remain engraved in your memory and heart for a long time.


Due to its geographical location, Sotuta de Peón, Hacienda Viva, is the ideal place to explore other attractions in Yucatan: majestic archaeological sites, cenotes, convents, churches, beaches, magical towns. Moreover, it is perfect for visitors who live in the city and seek to completely disconnect from the chaos of urban life, by plunging in a paceful, harmonious atmosphere in contact with nature.


The sensation of being immersed in the wild is palpable in every corner of the hacienda and it prepares you to fully enjoy the tours that we offer as part of our recreational activities. You can visit the main house of the hacienda which nowadays is an exquisite museum that displays the elegance and charm of an entire era, the henequen fields, a mayan house, and connect with the underworld of cenote Dzul-Ha, with its cristal clear Waters and having sightings of the local fauna.


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